Longrich coffee


Cordyceps Militaris Decaf Coffee is a product from Longrich. It Is a coffee blend that has immense health benefits:

* Enhances and Strengthens the Immune System.
* Helps Muscles Building and Improves Physical Performance.
* Provides Anti-aging and Fatigue Reducing Effects.
* Enhances Cellular Oxygen Uptake.
* Benefits Vascular System Muscles.
* Helps Protect the Liver and Kidneys.
* Contains all essential 18 amino acids etc.
* Has anti fungal, anti bacterial & anti biotic properties of CORDYCEPS MILITARIS.
* Contains Palm kernel oil rich in antioxidants.
* Increases sex drive of patients with low Libido.
* Increases sperms production as well as improves it’s quality.

Main Ingredient:
* Cordyceps Militaris

Net Weight = 360g / Pack (18g / Sachet Stick x 20 Sachet pcs).
One more thing you need at home!!

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