The Chairman of Longrich Group Mr. Xu Zhiwei, together with Longrich Group Global Advisor Mr. Alanx Lim, President of Longrich Group International Division, Mr Charlie Chin and its Business Development Team had an initial discussion with the President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte on the matter of foreign investment into the Philippines.

Longrich Group Chairman, Mr. Xu Zhiwei, having high admiration for the President expresses his confidence and good faith in the new administrative government under the great leadership of President Duterte who took office since June 2016; and that Longrich Group is very much interested to increase its presence here in the Philippines and look forward to help make economical contributions and also hope to help create more jobs for the local communities by expanding its current operations here. Both parties also discussed about the possibility of establishing its manufacturing facilities here in the Philippines which not only create more jobs for Filipinos but also increases exportation and trading businesses.

Chairman Xu Zhiwei also believes that the Philippines economy will grow even more rapidly in the next few years and this is the best timing for all companies to invest in the Philippines, and surely Longrich Group will take advantage of this opportunity. The discussion ended with a photo between President Duterte and Chairman Xu with hopes of a better future for the Philippines.