How to start Longrich ?

Key facts about Longrich

1.   Longrich has been in operation since 1986.
2.   Largest Manufacturing Company in the whole of Asia.
3.   Heavy investment in research (Research Institutes in China, France, USA and Japan).
4 .  Quality, affordable and highly effective and daily consumable products.
5.    Generous compensation plan that leads to financial freedom.
6.    Earn weekly bonuses in P (paid on green thursdays) according to team activity.
7.    No pressure, no monthly sales target.
8.    Only 3 direct partners is required (first generation).
9.    Minimum of 2 direct partners can enable you achieve financial freedom.
10.  Earn bonuses on all generations till infinity.
11.  2.5%  Worldwide Incentives for foreign paid trips, brand new cars and furnished homes.
12.  Point Value (PV) are cumulative; both from you and your team’s effort.

Benefits of this investment.

1. Weekly earning/salary, according to your entry level and the activities in your down lines. (salary paid every Thursday)

2. Earning/salary starts from first generation till infinity.

3. It propel you towards financial freedom.

4.You become a business owner and a partner in Longrich.

5.You are entitled to different kinds of incentives and bonuses which include trips overseas, cars and houses.